How Can You Help?

Donate to the Long Beach Fire Department:

Every year it goes without saying, that without the solid moral and financial support of  Long Beach residents it would be challenging to deliver the level of emergency response that we do. Through your continued generous support, we are able to offer the emergency services that you have come to expect from our department.

In an effort to raise the funds necessary to continue providing first-rate fire and medical protection, please consider making a generous donation to the Long Beach Volunteer Fire Department.

Thank you!

Become a Volunteer Firefighter:

The LBFD is always looking for new members.  If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to a current member to discuss opportunities.  Or, you can inquire via this email address.

The LBFD will invest in you with training and equipment to make you a successful volunteer firefighter.  We look forward to talking with you. 

Doing Home Construction?

Consider donating the use of your house to the LBFD for fire training.  In many instances, when homeowners are planning a demolition of a house, the LBFD can take advantage of the house a few days before it is demolished.  This not only provides a valuable training ground for the LBFD, but can also result in a tax donation that can benefit you in the long run.   

Please reach out via our email address for further details: