Public Safety Building

Keeping up to date:

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Why a public safety building?

The Police Garage is outdated, in poor condition, and too small for the Police Department’s equipment storage needs. It’s used for mobile equipment and squad car storage and as a wash bay, but it’s not large enough.

The Fire Station is inadequate and outdated for the Fire Department’s current needs. It has a leaky roof that’s damaging records and computer equipment, as well as apparatus bays. The garage bays can’t accommodate modern fire trucks and equipment or support maintenance and training activities. There’s also a risk of damage to an air compressor crucial for filling life-saving breathing equipment, and the single bathroom doesn’t meet the needs of male and female firefighter members.

Volunteer firefighters and first responders can’t store their required personal fire gear inside the Fire Station, which poses a health risk due to fire combustion byproducts. While a small washing machine is available, there’s no facility for drying gear. Many members have to store their gear at home, exposing themselves and their families to these byproducts.

The solution:

A collaborative effort between the Project Working Group and the Long Beach Fire Commission has successfully concluded phases one and two of a three-phase Design/Build process for the development of a new, state-of-the-art Public Safety Building. This facility is designed to cater to the present and future needs of both the Long Beach Police and Fire Departments, while also offering additional meeting space for the town.

We’ve chosen Holladay Construction, a reputable Design/Build Team, through a State of Indiana-approved contracting process, to spearhead the design and construction of this new facility. This design is not only cost-conscious but also the most efficient way to fulfill our requirements, featuring a straightforward and functional layout.

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